Three regions, three soils:

Here is the description 'Map Armagnac' representing the three regions of Armagnac, distributed over the Gers department, Landes and Lot-et-Garonne.


The region Bas-Armagnac is the departments of Gers and Landes on sandy loam soils "tawny sands" produced very famous Armagnac, fruity, delicate. This region represents 70% of the surface of the Armagnac.

Armagnac region Ténarèze

Ténarèze region lies on the north-west of the Gers and the South Lot et Garonne on clay-limestone soils. The products rich Armagnacs more body which reach maturity after a long aging. This region accounts for 28% of the surface of the Armagnac.

Haut Armagnac region

The Haut-Armagnac Armagnac or White is in the east of the Gers and part of Lot et Garonne, the distribution of the vineyard is in "islands" now. This region accounts for 2% of the surface of the Armagnac.